The Kewaunee County Sheriff’s Department has one Sheriff’s Deputy that is specially trained to perform vehicle inspections.  Inspections include, but are not limited to, safety inspections of rebuilt salvage vehicles and examination of vehicle anti-theft features, to ensure a quality product that meets or exceeds DOT standards.  After completion of the process, necessary fees are collected and registration is assigned to the rebuilt vehicle.

Salvage Title inspections are conducted by appointment and at location to be determined in Kewaunee County.  Contact the Sherff's Department at (920)388-3100 and ask to speak to the Patrol Lieutenant to set up an appointment.  Leave a message with name and phone number indicating the best time to be contacted as well as the number of vehicles you have to be inspected.  As stated before the inspections are conducted by appointment.  The time of the inspection will be between 11:30p.m. and 5:00a.m.

Salvage Inspection Instructions

The following items are REQUIRED at the time of inspection:

* You MUST have a WISCONSIN SALVAGE title in your name. (unless you are a licensed dealer.)

* The vehicle MUST be INSURED.

* A COMPLETED form MV-1 (application for registration) can be found on-line or at the following link:

* A COMPLETED Major Parts Statement form (MV2673) can be found on-line or at the following link:

* Receipts or proof of ownership for all the major parts that were used on your car.

* Pictures of the un-repaired vehicle showing all 4 sides of the vehicle.

* A check made payable to the Registration Fee Trust. The fee will be calculated at the time of inspection but will include: $84 inspection fee plus sales tax on that fee and any applicable registration costs. If you register your car we can issue a temporary plate and you will be able to drive your vehicle until plates arrive. (Wisconsin Law allows the vehicle to be driven to and from the inspection appointment)

* Have monies ready to pay a lift fee to the local business owner.  The fee varies by location availability.

* An envelope and POSTAGE STAMPS. (Usually requires two stamps per the post office) The appropriate addresses are on the MV-1 form and have the envelope filled out prior to appointment.

* Do a self check of vehicle prior to setting appointment. The vehicle must be completely restored prior to inspection. Check all light bulbs and dash lights. Battery must be secure and all doors and windows in working condition. Additional safety features will be inspected for proper functions by the inspectors.

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