Kewaunee County Sheriff's Department Contact List

Most Deputies are assigned extentions. Dial (920)388-3100 and then enter the appropriate ext. listed below.

Sheriff Administration

Sheriff Matthew Joski
Chief Deputy David Cornelius
Lieutenant Chris Gulbrand
Lieutenant Joseph Treml


Inv. Steve Haen
Inv. Jason Veeser
Inv. Eric Pieschek


Sergeant Dustin Smidle
ext 266
Sergeant Lawrence Ostermeier
ext 267
Deputy Joseph Kassner
ext 262
Deputy David Kuehl
ext 265
Deputy Richard Karman
ext 264
Deputy John McCambridge
ext 269
Deputy Susan Steiner
ext 245
Deputy Eric Zellner
ext 256
Deputy Brian Schultz
ext 263
Deputy Kevin Schmidt
ext 240
Deputy William Raduenz
ext 257
Deputy Ryan Vandermoss
ext 253
Sergeant Christopher VanErem
Sergeant Pamela Beilke
Deputy Mark Jandrin
Court Security Officer / ext 151
Deputy Paula Ebert
School Liaison Officer / ext 268
Deputy Melissa Zellner
Deputy Kevin Manley
Deputy Patricia Schmidt
Deputy John Delebreau
Huber Officer / ext 156
Deputy Aaron Schley
Deputy Dana Schopf
Deputy Jamie Tlachac
Deputy Tyler Tuttle
Huber Officer / ext 156
Deputy Justin Farley
Deputy Nia Bongle
Deputy Jordan Salentine
Records & Civil Process
Mary Berkovitz
ext 178
Luann LeCloux
ext 188

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