Kewaunee County Jail Rule Book




You have been charged with or sentenced here for a violation of the law.  It is the legal responsibility of the jail staff to keep you until your case has been resolved or your time has been served.  We will provide for your basic human needs, such as food, clothing and shelter.  The jail staff is here to see to your health, safety and well being.  Rule violations require disciplinary actions, otherwise there is no point in having rules.  If you abide by these rules, it will make your stay that much easier for you.  You are subject to be searched 24 hours a day by jail staff.  In some circumstances the jail staff may need to change some rules. You will obey the orders of the jail staff at all times.




You may have no more than the following items in your cell or living area:

3  shirts (t-shirts or long sleeve and all white in color)
3  pair of socks (all white in color)
3  pair of underwear (jail staff will accept only white in color)
2  writing utensils (pencil or flexi-pens only)  *
4  books or magazines (no hard covers; magazines by subscription only) **
6  standard size pictures (no Polaroid’s)
1  newspaper, (subscriptions only) **


*Must be purchased from the Jail Canteen
**Will become property of the jail and must be new/sealed



1  Toothbrush
1  Tube of Toothpaste
1  Bar of  Soap
1  Roll of Toilet Paper
1  Comb (5" in Length only) or Small Plastic Pick
30  Snack (PX) Items (Does not include Coffee or Kool-Aid)




Contraband is defined as any item that is not issued to you or which you are not permitted to possess while in jail, or which is illegal to possess.  Possession of contraband is a violation of jail rules and may result in disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution.  This also includes a locker, which you will be assigned.
NO PICTURES OR OTHER ITEMS WILL BE ATTACHED TO THE WALLS, CEILINGS, LIGHT FIXTURES, WINDOW SILLS, BUNKS OR CELL FRONTS.  If staff sees any such items that are not approved, they will be disposed of.


Allowable items to be dropped off for all inmates:

  • 1 .Money
  • 2. Prescription medication, glasses or dentures
  • 3 .Underclothing (All white, no underwire bras) – 3 pair limit allowed in cell
  • 4 .Board Games/Book – In original packaging and it will be donated to the jail.

Items that must be delivered through the mail for all Inmates:

1     Books and magazines
2     Mail from residence

For Huber/work release inmates only:

Underclothing ( All white, briefs, socks, bras/no underwires, etc.) – 3 pair limit

Work clothes – 3 pair limit





You are responsible for the cleanliness of your cell, bunk area, shower/toilet, and personal areas of the block.  Brooms, mops, buckets and cleaning supplies will be put into the cellblocks three times a week.  The living areas must be cleaned to the jail staff’s satisfaction.  If the cellblock is not cleaned immediately, the cleaning cart will be removed and the TV and telephone will remain off and you will be locked down until the next day.  When completed with cleaning supplies, you should place them back on the cleaning cart and put them by the door for the jail staff.  Books, magazines and papers will be kept at a minimum and stored in an orderly manner.  Nothing will be stored on the top of the heaters.




You will shower regularly and maintain your personal hygiene.  Showers along will be offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Shaving is permitted for inmates in the Huber Dorm by request to the jail staff.  Shaving for inmates in other cell blocks will be handled on a case by case basis.  All personal hygiene items are available on the P.X./Canteen slip. Non-prescription medications are also available on the P.X./Canteen slip. Hair may be held back with a cloth type holder only.  No metal or rubber bands.




Inmates must submit a request for a haircut.  They will be conducted as requested after several inmates express interest.  A licensed barber will be called to come to the Jail and provide them.  This includes Hubers also.  Exceptions on a case-by-case basis by court or approval.




Televisions are provided by the jail.  The volume is to be kept at a reasonable level.    You are not to tamper with or try to fix the TV.  If repairs are needed, notify the staff.  This also applies to the clock.  If it needs adjusting notify the jail staff.  Televisions will be turned off at 10 PM.  They may also be turned off for any period of time for infractions of rules.  A television set that does not work because of abuse or misuse will be removed and not replaced.  No items are to be stored on or attached to the television.  The same rules apply for the phone privileges. Telephone service is provided by ICSoultions. Blocks may be placed on calls to certain numbers.  This is usually caused by abuse or non payment of phone bills. If you receive notice that there is a block on a certain number, this is probably the cause.  Telephones are a privilege and the property of the jail.  All calls will be recorded and may be monitored.  See section on PRIVILEGED PHONE CALLS regarding phone calls to attorneys.  No messages will be passed on to you unless they are of an emergency nature, (death in family or serious illness).




Canteen is offered once a week.  Orders are to be placed via phone system by MONDAY 10:00PM.  It will be delivered to you on WEDNESDAY AS TIME PERMITS.  NO CREDIT OR CHARGING IS ALLOWED.  No stockpiling of P.X. items will be allowed.  Snack items in excess of 30 (Kool-Aid mix and coffee mix not included) is a violation.  Violation of this rule will result in loss of P.X. privileges for a week.  Subsequent violations will result in further disciplinary actions.  No ordering for another inmate is allowed.  Indigent Pak and Writing Paks are available on request and jail staff availability.




Inmates will not be allowed sexually explicit or offensive pictures or photos in their cells.  This would include anything that exposes buttocks, genitals, or female’s unclothed breasts, or anything that could be considered sexually suggestive.  Magazines that have these types of photos or pictures may be allowed but the photos and pictures must be removed.





There is a tobacco ban in effect for the Kewaunee county Jail and surrounding property.  This means all tobacco products and lighting materials are considered contraband.  If found in your possession, you will be subject to discipline, and the contraband will be disposed of.




Kewaunee County Jail is NOT responsible for personal items that are lost, missing or stolen except for items that we keep at booking time.  All personal items that are left at Kewaunee County Jail for (30) days after your release shall be disposed of according to Wisconsin state statutes.




All personal items will be kept in your storage bin underneath your bed.  No items will be stored on the floor or on the heaters or covers.   Only footwear can be stored on the floor.  Huber inmates are encouraged to place certain items in their work locker when leaving the jail to discourage theft.




No damage is to be done to any part of the jail, including the jail equipment.  This includes writing or carving your name or other graffiti into the paint on the walls, tables, benches or bunks. Inmates caught doing damage will be charged for repair, loss of privileges and possible criminal prosecution.




Only inmates that are currently attending AA meetings or inmates currently in a AA program prior to booking may be allowed to attend AA meetings away from the jail.  Inmates will not be allowed to join AA outside the jail unless ordered by the court or approval. AA programs are not currently provided in the jail. You are not permitted away from the jail to attend religious services however you may request religious persons to visit you at the jail and provide services on a one to one basis.




Drugs and alcohol are not allowed in jail.  This is against the law.  If you are found with either of the above in your possession, or attempting to enter the jail with them, you will lose privileges, good time, or be prosecuted.  It is a violation to report to jail with any amount of alcohol in your system.   If the jailer detects an odor or becomes aware that you had been consuming intoxicants prior to arriving, you will be asked to submit to a PBT test. If you refuse to submit to a PBT test, you will automatically be subject to loss of Huber release privileges and / or other disciplinary procedures depending on the incident. WARNING; anyone convicted of delivering controlled substances to an inmate in a jail is subject to double the penalty for ordinary delivery.




Gambling is a violation of the law and is not allowed in the jail.  Because of this, you will not be allowed to transfer property or money to another inmate, nor will you be allowed to loan property or anything of value for personal use or for profit.




Horseplay and practical jokes played on one another often get out of hand and escalate into a fight.  Therefore, it will not be tolerated. No running, kicking, or standing on top of tables or beds will be tolerated.




While you are in jail you will be living in very close quarters with other inmates.  Try to get along.  Fighting will not be tolerated.  Battery by a prisoner to staff or to an inmate is a FELONY and you will be prosecuted for it.  If you have a problem with another inmate, notify a staff member and they will take steps to correct the situation.




Meals will be served 3 times a day: Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper.  All meals are checked for proper balance and nutrition and served accordingly.  All inmates shall come to the door or window and get their meal when ordered too. You will be provided with a bag lunch if you work away from the jail.




Proper attire is considered the following:
Full uniform must be worn when leaving the blocks.  This includes sandals.  Pant legs will remain unaltered (not cuffed or rolled).  Uniforms must be worn right side out.  While in the blocks, you must wear the bottom half of your uniform.  In addition to your uniforms, you are only allowed to wear undergarments.  Any misuse of undergarments, such as wearing boxers for shorts, etc. will not be tolerated.  Any violation of this rule will result in confiscation of the item (s).  The item(s) will be placed in your property until you are released.




The only clothing that the inmates may bring with them into a cell are white socks, white t-shirts, and white underwear.  Exceptions will only be granted by approval from Jail Staff.




Uniform exchange is done 3 times weekly, MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY.  This may change depending availability on uniforms.  Inspect your uniform for damage or alterations immediately after receiving it.  If there is a problem, alert staff.  Staff will inspect uniforms when you exchange them.  If the uniform is damaged or altered in any way, you may be liable for the replacement value.  If you are out for work, school, etc. at the time of exchange, you can receive a new uniform when you return.




Plastic sandal shoes are provided by the jail.  You may purchase canvas tennis shoes through P.X./Canteen.  You may have 1 pair of each in your possession.  As with uniforms, the plastic sandal shoes will not be altered or destroyed.
You will wear your shoes while out of the cell block.




Jail laundry, with the exception of uniforms, will be done on a day-by-day basis.  It is suggested that you mark your personal clothing with your name or initials.  Ask a staff member for a marking pen. Huber inmates will be charged $5.00 per week to have their laundry done.




You will only use the bedding issued to you and not take anything off another bed. Any bedding in excess of what was issued to you is considered contraband.  Linens are exchanged on Sundays.  If you are not going to be in at the time of the exchange, strip your bed, and bring it with you when you leave.  During linen exchange you WILL exchange everything.  This means 2 sheets, 1 pillowcase, 1 washcloth and 1 towel for Huber and 1 pillowcase and 2 sheets for all other cellblocks.  These will be the only times for linen exchange.  Blankets are exchanged every 90 days.  Take all knots out of bedding.  Beds will be made whenever the bed is not in use.




The Jail nurse comes to the jail twice a week and a mental health worker comes to the jail once a week. A doctor comes to the jail every three weeks.  To see the nurse or mental health worker, fill out the “Sick Call” form, Explain briefly your medical or mental problem and give it to a staff member.  You will be charged $5.00 co-payment fee if you request to see the nurse; there is no charge to see the mental health worker. You will NOT be denied Medical attention for lack of finances. If you need immediate medical attention, notify the jail staff immediately and arrangements will be made. Be aware that you are responsible for any medical bills and will be charged that amount accordingly.  Any inmate requesting medical attention, for any type of medical condition, may be placed in segregation for observation and to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.  They shall remain under medical observation until medical staff or Jail Administrator determines that they are no longer a threat of harm to themselves or others.




Prescription medication will be kept and dispensed by the jail staff.  Any other medications found in your possession (other than what is offered on P.X.) will be considered contraband.  Some medication has to be carried with you at all times, such as an inhaler, nitro pills, etc., this will be allowed.  You will pay for any medication prescribed for you while in jail by you.  If you desire non-prescription medications for general health problems such as headaches, colds, flu, upset stomach, etc., you will be required to purchase these medications from P.X./Canteen for self-use. Sleeping pills are not allowed.




Request slips are provided upon request.  A REQUEST SLIP must be made out if you wish to speak to the jail administrator, jail staff, seek employment (Huber/work release only), or for any other request you may have.  All requests must have a brief description or statement of the problem or request.  Misuse of request slips may result in disciplinary action.




All incoming mail will be opened and scanned.  Money sent through the mail will be credited to your account.  All outgoing mail will remain unsealed and will be scanned by jail staff.  The exception to both rules is PRIVILEGED MAIL.  Privileged mail is any mail from or to attorneys, the courts, government officials and news media.  Incoming privileged mail may be sealed and will be opened in your presence or you will be requested by the staff to open in front of them.  These regulations are to prevent contraband from entering the jail and to maintain jail security.  All outgoing mail must have your name on it as part of the return address.  If it does not have your name on it, it will not be mailed.  Indigent inmates will be provided 2 stamped envelopes and writing paper per 7-day period. You must fill out a request form. For incoming mail, the address is: Your name, Kewaunee County Jail, 620 Juneau Street, Kewaunee, WI, 54216.  Return name and address are required on incoming mail. All correspondence will be done through the mail. Notes will not be passed or accepted during visiting.




If you wish to petition the court for a change or modification of your sentence, or obtain a furlough, there are forms available to fill out. You may request these forms from the on duty jailer if they are not in your cell area.  Fill them out and have them notarized.  Inform the jailer and he/she will have a notary available. Do not write to the judge.




All visitation is done according to a schedule established by the jail.  Nobody under the age of 18 will be allowed to visit an inmate unless they are an immediate family member, accompanied by an adult, and bring a completed Visitation Permission Authorization form completed by the custodial parent or legal guardian. CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES.  If children are disruptive, the visit may be terminated.  Visitation for male inmates with their last name beginning with A thru M is on Saturdays and inmates with their last names beginning with N thru Z are Sundays from 12:30PM to 2:30PM.   Visitation for female inmates will be on Wednesdays from 6:30PM to 8:30PM. No food or beverages are allowed in the visitation room.




The following is a list of disciplinary actions that can be taken for violations of jail rules:

  • Take away any and all privileges.  (Phone, canteen, visitation, etc.)
  • Loss of visitation will be reviewed after 2 years
  • Take away two (2) days of good time for each violation
  • Order punitive segregation of up to five (5) days
  • Hold in from work or school. (5 days max. without court order)
  • Transfer back to sentencing county if Huber transfer
  • Charged criminally

While in administrative segregation, you are entitled to only:

  • Pillow and blanket at lock-up.

After 24 hours:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Comb
  • Religious book (Bible)
  • Mail correspondence
  • Legal phone calls only



While in punitive segregation, you are entitled to only:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Comb
  • Linens
  • All undergarments
  • Mail correspondence
  • No P.X. items or headphones
  • Legal phone calls only
  • Any normal cell items (lotion, etc.)




24 hours in receiving, criminal charges and 10 days segregation

  • Battery
  • Escape
  • Sexual assault
  • Inciting a riot
  • Starting a fire
  • Theft
  • Criminal damage to property-major
  • Drug violations



Any rule that is not covered in the above-mentioned rules is at the discretion of the jail staff. All disciplinary actions for rule violations are at the discretion of jail staff as well.






  1. All inmates shall earn at least minimum wage and work in KEWAUNEE COUNTY.  No inmate will be allowed to work outside of Kewaunee County without the WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE JAIL ADMINISTRATOR OR HUBER LAW OFFICER.  No inmate will seek NEW EMPLOYMENT WHILE ON WORK RELEASE WITHOUT THE WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE JAIL ADMINISTRATOR OR HUBER LAW OFFICER.  Work outside of Kewaunee County will be in the adjacent counties only.  (Door, Manitowoc and Brown Counties).
  2. Any changes in your work schedule or place of employment must be approved IN ADVANCE by the Huber Law Officer.  If you are laid off or otherwise terminated from your job, you must report this at once to the jailer on duty.  In the event that you are required to work overtime, your supervisor must contact the jail prior to the work being done.  In addition, he must give you a note (on business stationary) to bring back to the jail.  No Huber Inmate will be permitted to work on Sundays or Legal Holidays without the WRITTEN APPROVAL OF THE JAIL ADMINSTRATOR OR HUBER LAW OFFICER.  Legal Holidays are defined as:  New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  All non-working hours will be spent in jail.
  3. Huber fees are $15.00 per day plus a $5.00 per week laundry charge.  All wages, earnings, salary monies, in cash or by check must be turned over in full to the Huber Officer when it is received.  You must have a WAGE STATEMENT and a CHECK STUB with it, along with a COPY of your TIME CARD.  DO NOT CASH YOUR CHECK OR SPEND ANY OF YOUR MONEY.  THIS IS A SERIOUS VIOLATION OF THE RULES.  The only deductions are for Federal, State, or Social Security taxes, union dues and wage assignments for child support.  Your money will be paid out as required by Section 303.08(5) of the Wisconsin Statutes, in the following order: 1.) Necessary travel expenses to and from work; 2). Court ordered support of dependents, if any; 3) The cost of your board as set by the Kewaunee County Board of Supervisors; This will include an allowance of not more than $40.00 per week; 4) Other incidental expenses; 5) Payment in full or part, of the inmates financial obligations either by written acknowledgment of the inmate or by written judgment, such as fines, restitution, court ordered child support, etc. (Private debts owed to family or friends cannot be paid while an inmate at the jail.  These can be taken care of after your release from jail).  The balance, if any, of the inmate’s Trust Account WILL BE MAILED TO YOUR HOME ADDRESS UPON DISCHARGE OF JAIL CUSTODY AND WHEN THE HUBER LAW OFFICER RETURNS FROM HIS DAYS OFF.
  4. All inmates who leave the jail to exercise their Huber rights are subject to a Urine Analysis (UA) test before being released. The cost of this test, $20, will be covered by the inmate being released.  Additionally, inmates out for work release will be charged a minimum of one additional UA test per month regardless of the results.  All other random UA tests administered to an inmate will only be charged if the results come back positive.
  5. If you have bills to be paid, request a “Huber Check Request Form”, sign your name and give them to the jailer on duty.
  6. If you are sentenced to less than thirty (30) days or do not receive a paycheck during your term with us, you MUST PAY IN ADVANCE.  All self-employed inmates, those sentenced for contempt of court or for failure to pay a fine, must also pay their board in advance.
  7. You may receive a ¼ reduction of your sentence, as good time, if there have been no violations of these rules or other State and Federal laws.  If you are sentenced as a condition of probation, you will receive good time only if the court has ordered it.
  8. When you leave the jail to go to work you are to go directly to your place of work, REMAIN at your place of work and RETURN DIRECTLY to the jail when you are finished with work.  Unless you have permission from a jailer do not stop on the way to or from work.
  9. You are not allowed to socialize or meet with your family members or friends while you are away from jail.  ALL VISITING SHALL BE DONE AT THE JAIL.
  10. You may not enter any tavern or other place where alcoholic beverages are sold unless you work there.
  11. You may not drink ALCOHOL in any form.  Anyone suspected of violating this RULE will be required to submit to a breath test.  Refusal will result in disciplinary action.
  12. You may not use any NON-PRESCRIBED DRUGS OR OTHER ILLEGAL OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES.  Anyone suspected of violating this rule will be required to submit to a urine test.  Refusal to do so will result in disciplinary action.  You will also randomly be given a urine test to check for the use of controlled substances.
  13. You may not go to your home, at any time without PERMISSION from a jailer.
  14. Your means of transportation to and from work must be approved in advance by the Jail Administrator or Huber Law Officer.  DO NOT CHANGE your means of transportation without their approval.  You may drive your own vehicle as long as you meet the following conditions.  You must show a VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE, PROOF OF INSURANCE, AND PROOF OF REGISTRATION.  If the vehicle is owned by somebody else, you must have written permission to use it along with that person’s proof of registration and proof in insurance. The permission must be signed in front of a Kewaunee County sheriff’s Department employee or be notarized.  If someone is giving you a ride, that person must show a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and proof of registration along with permission to operate the vehicle if they do not own it before you will be allowed to ride with them. The person picking up the Huber inmate must come into the jail and announce to the jailer in person, that they are here to pick up what inmate Exceptions only by approval.  Written permission for transportation will be granted by the Jail Administrator or Huber Law Officer after the above criteria have been met.
  15. Whenever you leave the jail, for any reason, you must be signed out.  Giving false information will result in disciplinary action.
  16. You are not allowed to carry in our out any items for yourself or for anyone else in the jail.  An officer will inspect any package or bundle and you will be searched.  You may be STRIP SEARCHED each time you come into the jail from work or any time you are away from the cell block and not in the company of a Deputy Sheriff.
  17. Before leaving for work you must have your bed made and your area cleaned.  Failure to do so will result in the loss of your work privileges the following day.  You must do your fair share of the cleaning of the cellblock.
  18. Huber inmates are not allowed to work for another Huber inmate, nor can they hire another Huber inmate.
  19. Money cannot be transferred from the account of one inmate to another.
  20. You will not be allowed to carry more than $40.00 on you at any time.  All excess cash will be kept in your account.
  21. Do not keep valuables of any sort in your cellblock.  Kewaunee County will not be responsible for any items lost or destroyed.
  22. All inmates shall wear uniforms while in the jail.  Any clothing worn for work shall be placed in a locker outside of the cellblock.
  23. Medical costs incurred by the Huber Law inmate will be paid for by that inmate.  The Huber Officer or jailer must clear all appointments for medical care, with the exception of emergencies, in advance.
  24. Job Search:  Job Service will supply Inmates wishing to obtain a job while in jail with a current list of available job opportunities in the county. Inmates are only allowed employment in surrounding counties.  Current inmates wishing to visit Job Service or have arranged a job interview may be allowed to leave the jail to make a personal visit if approved by the Huber Officer. You must make this request on an “inmate request” form.
  25. Huber inmates will only be allowed to be away from the jail for a maximum of 12 hours on any given day.  They will be allowed to be away from the jail for only 6 days, no Sundays and a maximum of 60 hours during those 6 days.  Exceptions by approval only, any other time allowed away from the jail will be subtracted from the 60 hours.  (AA. Doctor visits, etc.)  Do not try to alter your schedule to get more time out of jail.  All schedules are verified with employers.
  26. The Sheriff, Through the Jail Administrator, may refuse to permit a inmate to exercise his (her) privilege to leave the jail for Huber Law purposes for each violation of these rules or other jail rules.  In addition, violation of these rules or jail rules can result in loss of privileges, loss of good time or an inmate’s probation being revoked.  Violation of any law or ordinance can result in criminal prosecution.
  27. Your Employer must allow unrestricted access to your work site without prior notice for the Huber Law Officer or Jail Administrator.  If you are not at you work station your supervisor must be able to take the Huber Officer/Jail Administrator directly to where you are or know your whereabouts.  Your employer must provide the Jail Administrator with proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance before you will be allowed to go to work.
  28. All inmate request forms for Huber and/or jail needs must be given to the jailer on duty at least five (5) days ahead of time.  All Check requests will require FIVE (5) DAYS NOTICE.  You must turn in a request for checks.  VERBAL REQUESTS will not be honored.
  29. No part time jobs allowed unless established prior to the time of conviction.
  30. Childcare means exactly what is stated—CHILD CARE.  You will remain at your residence.  You will be allowed out of the home, ONLY WITH PERMISSION, for professional appointment, such as Attorney, Social Services, etc.  You will need ADVANCE permission from the Jail Administrator or Huber Officer obtained by submitting a request slip to them as far in advance of the appointment as possible.  Should an officer be unable to contact you at the residence at which you are out for child care or attempted phone call to that residence not find you there, we will consider you in violation of your release from the jail and appropriate action will be taken.  While out of the jail, you will NOT socialize or meet with friends or relatives.  All visiting will be done at the jail.  Childcare will be for your children only.  The child must be yours by MARRIAGE, through ADOPTION or by having a BIRTH CERTIFICATE with you NAMED as the FATHER (MOTHER) on it.  If you are providing care for an adult (immediate family only), you must provide medical documentation that the family member is unable to care for him/herself.
  31. The hours of the childcare will be the hours you are needed when the other childcare person is at work.  You must provide the jail with the name and work schedule of the person who provides care in your absence, on their employer’s business letterhead.
  32. Limits on when and how long you can be away from the jail for childcare will be the same as for work release.  If you are working and doing childcare, the hours for the two (2) will be added together.  All Huber/work release rules apply at all times including the $15.00 per day and $5.00 per week laundry charge.
  33. The Kewaunee County Jail will NOT MAKE COPIES for any inmate FREE OF CHARGE.  If you are required to have copies of paychecks, stubs, etc. for any reason you will have to make arrangements to have those copies made.  If you request the jail to make copies for you the charge will be $1.00 per page.
  34. After being admitted to the jail, you will be required to leave all work/street clothing in your assigned locker and will be changed into a jail uniform. All items including clothes, shoes, money, etc., will be placed into your locker. You are responsible for locking your own locker.  The jail or jailer is not responsible for items missing from your locker(s).  It is NOT RECOMMENDED to keep valuable items in the locker.
  35. After the breakfast meal is served, it will be your responsibility to get up and be ready for your work release time and /or other appointments.  Jailers will not wake you for this.
  36. You will be entitled to 3 meals per day.  If you are scheduled to leave the jail for work or other release at least ½ hour prior to a jail meal, you will have an option of a bag lunch or no bag lunch.  You must indicate this on your “Inmate work release form”. The kitchen is closed at 6:00PM.  If you are scheduled for work or school during one of the scheduled meals, you will have the option of taking a jail-issued bag lunch.  You will need to indicate this on your “Inmate work release form” when you fill it out for the next scheduled time to be released.  You must eat the bag lunch at work or school.  If you are scheduled to be away from the jail for 2 consecutive meals, you may receive 2 bag lunches, you must sign up for 2.  Failure to indicate if you want a lunch or not will be considered as a NO answer.
  37. If you are self-employed, you will be required to furnish a federal-tax number.  This will be done prior to you being released for work.  You will be required to provide a written schedule each day for your daily activities.  This schedule must include the address of the work site, phone number at the work site and the times you will be at the work site.  Failure to provide staff with a written schedule will result in you being held in from work.  Self-employed inmates WILL NOT be allowed to work holidays.  Self-employed inmates will be required to provide the jail with proof of injury/accident insurance.
  38. Lockdown and Lights out are at 10pm.  All inmates in the Huber dorm must be in their bunk at this time.  You will not be allowed to be out of your bunk unless you are getting ready for or returning from work.  Sitting at the table playing cards, board games or talking will not be allowed.  Working inmates need their sleep and should not be disturbed.



The following is a list of Huber violations, which may result in disciplinary actions being taken against you:

  • Unexcused absence from work, counseling, medical appointments, job hunting, etc.
  • Deviating from route without expressed permission.
  • Use of unauthorized mode of transportation.
  • Failure to notify the jail in the event of an emergency, extended work hours, or any other change in plans.
  • Failure to inform jailers in advance of changes in work schedules and/or work sites.
  • Failure to turn over all earnings, wages or compensations while sentenced to Huber Law, to the Kewaunee County Jail.
  • Taking correspondence out of the jail and mailing or delivering it yourself.
  • Bringing contraband into jail.
  • Unauthorized use of phone or unauthorized visits at the work site, appointments, childcare, home care, family care, school etc.


Any violation of the Kewaunee County Jail rules will result in disciplinary action, which may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Warning
  • Restricted privileges
  • 24-hour segregation
  • Held in from work or childcare/loss of one day of work or childcare
  • Forfeiture of Huber Law privileges for 5 working days
  • Huber Law privileges revoked
  • Transfer-in Hubers transferred back to county of sentencing


Violation of any law or municipal ordinance can result in a new prosecution.




When you have a scheduled court date, you are required to furnish the jailer with a copy of the court paperwork.  Failure to comply may delay your release for court.  If your court is scheduled out-of-county, you must have out of county travel authorized by the court.




When going to miscellaneous appointments, you will be issued an activity sheet. You must sign this sheet before leaving the jail, have somebody at the appointment location sign the sheet and write in the times you arrive at and left the appointment location. You will need to obtain prior authorization from the Huber Law Officer for any other stops other then work, school, or childcare.




Any adverse weather conditions, it is the Jail Officer’s discretion to allow work release. This also includes School, childcare, any type of appointments, and/or interviews.




Privileged phone calls are those that take place between you and your attorney.  These phone calls will not be subject to recording or monitoring.  However, it is the inmate’s responsibility to inform jail staff of his/her attorney’s phone number.  Inmates must complete an Inmate Request Form informing the jail staff of his/her attorney’s phone number.  On the request form, the inmate must provide the attorney’s name and telephone phone number.  Jail staff will verify the phone number, and upon verification, will arrange for privileged phone calls to not be recorded.


Revised: 3/17


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